Today, productivity has no limits. We’ll give you and your teams a platform to securely meet, message, and call from anywhere at any time.

There’s nothing more potent than the power of collaboration.

When people work together, there’s no limit to what they can achieve. You can tap into the genius of a global workforce if you have the right tools and the best support. Still, with an increasing number of remote workers and devices, the complexity of integrating collaboration tools across your business can be challenging and expensive.

Our collaboration technology practice improves the security, efficiency, and productivity of your teams. We’ll bring harmony across voice, mobile, email, messaging, and video conferencing; you do the rest.

Bring your people together securely.

In many ways, humans are unimpressive compared to other animals, but we’re still on top. Why? The power of collaboration.

We can learn, change, and adapt when we put our heads together. So imagine what your business can achieve with the perfect combination of technology and talent and an expert IT partner to manage it all.

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Cisco Unified Communications

What are some benefits of iConvergence collaboration solutions?

As a Cisco Advanced Collaboration Partner, we’ve designed, developed, implemented, and managed Cisco Unified Communications (UC) systems for businesses of every size in virtually every industry. Our engineers and leaders have extensive enterprise collaboration experience, which means we’re uniquely qualified to create effective, scalable Unified Communication solutions tailored to your business.

Improve Information Accessibility

Collaboration solutions from iConvergence improve information accessibility for increased agility and productivity. The easier it is for your employees and customers to access experts and information, the easier it is for them to quickly resolve issues and complete tasks.

Get More Value From Your Applications

Today, your employees probably use multiple forms of communication, but there’s a good chance they’re not using every available feature. We’ll simplify the usability of your existing internal applications and even provide onsite training for users, so you and your employees reap the maximum benefit.

Avoid Project Delays

Communication silos are the enemy of progress and productivity. Our collaboration solutions break down the walls between people, departments, and customers, so your employees aren’t hampered by communication silos from applications and back-end systems.

More Control Over Work Schedules

Our collaboration solutions and services give you and your employees more control over their work schedules and timelines. In addition, real-time connectivity and communication across devices, departments, and locations let your teams move faster with better results. Also, iConvergence collaboration tools keep employees safe during disasters but still allow them to get work done. Today, there’s no excuse for downtime.

You won’t find a partner with more Collaboration experience than iConvergence.

iConvergence’ tenured engineers and leaders have worked on UC implementations for some of our region’s most notable businesses and organizations, including installing over 15,000 Cisco IP phones across the Southeast. Our clients and partners recognize our skills in providing unparalleled collaboration outcomes, and we’d love the opportunity to do the same for you.


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