We’ll give you a network capable of handling all the innovation your teams can produce.

Your business deserves a best-in-class network.

In the digital world, businesses don’t punch a time clock. Business today happens 24/7/365. What’s that mean? It means your company must provide constant connectivity to the services your employees and customers need the most.

If your customers can’t interact with your business at their convenience or your employees don’t have the connectivity they need to perform their jobs effectively, you’re missing out on critical business opportunities. We want to fix that for you.

We’ll simplify the complex.

Our Networking solutions can give you, your employees, and customers everything they need to do business in the digital age. We’ll simplify your increasingly complex network without sacrificing visibility, reliability, or performance.

iConvergence employs industry-leading tools and practices to design and implement a network infrastructure to maximize productivity, reduce costs and risks, and increase revenue. Our networking solutions, powered by Cisco, can help you run the applications that fuel your business every day, improve communication and collaboration, and accelerate business performance and agility. And we’ll do it all without compromising security.

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iConvergence IT Networking Solutions and Services

Data Networking

We’ll arm your business with an optimized intelligent network that’s fully integrated with your existing network infrastructure, interactive services, and applications across your entire business. Today’s networking technologies can have a lasting positive impact on your business by improving customer service and empowering employees. We’ll show you how.

Network Security

Every business today needs a secure network capable of protecting its data and employees from constant threats. We’ll give you a Self-Defending Network Security strategy that allows you to streamline IT Risk Management by reducing security and compliance risks, enforcing business policies, and protecting critical assets. And we’ll do it all while also decreasing IT’s administrative burden and reducing the overall costs of ownership.

Wireless Solutions

We’ll give your business the industry’s only unified wired and wireless solution that integrates innovative access point technology with an award-winning centralized management system and intelligent controls to satisfy your mobility, deployment, and management needs. Wireless solutions from iConvergence are flexible enough to grow with your business. With us, you get the benefit of the latest technologies, including end-to-end WLAN security and radio resource management.

Data Cabling Services

We’ll take care of all your cabling needs, including advice and execution related to installation and setup, expansions or moves, maintenance, service, repair, troubleshooting, network wiring and cabling, and more. And once your infrastructure is complete, we’ll provide you with authorized services to ensure your systems are continually operating at their best. In addition, our technicians and engineers are always available for emergency repairs and routine maintenance.

Today, technology is about more than speeds and feeds.

From cloud computing and virtualization to social networks, networking is at the center of a business and communication revolution. Today, the ways people communicate and work are constantly changing, and so are the needs of your network. iConvergence has deep roots in networking, extending back to the first day we opened our doors. Our tenured engineers understand the nuances of a contemporary network infrastructure capable of delivering the performance your business needs today and tomorrow.


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