Disaster Readiness

We’ll help you plan and prepare for every disaster. Human-made or otherwise.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Your business can’t afford a moment of downtime. And with an increasing number of remote workers and an ever-expanding cyber-attack surface, preparing for the worst is the best thing you can do – today.

Wise business leaders (like you) adopt standards and technologies to keep their IT infrastructures protected and disruption-free. Because success today is often determined by your ability to deal with disasters, natural or otherwise.

Disaster readiness is about being proactive, not reactive. We’ll help you plan for the worst, so you can expect the best.

With iConvergence, your business won’t skip a beat.

iConvergence Disaster Readiness solutions guarantee business continuity under the most challenging circumstances. Disasters happen. But with preparation and a partner who has your back, disasters don’t have to cripple your business and data.

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Our Disaster Readiness Services

We’ll make sure you don’t drop the ball on disaster readiness.
iConvergence understands what it takes to keep a business moving during disasters. From working with customers to create comprehensive disaster recovery plans to selecting and working through the implementation of advanced technologies to avoid network downtime, we can provide you with the tools necessary to protect your data and disaster-proof your critical IT systems.

Remote Worker Support, Including Client Connectivity, Security, VoIP, Collaboration, and More
Backup and Recovery Strategies
Disaster Recovery-Specific Consultations and Professional Services
Comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plans that Account for Critical Steps, Responsibilities, Assets and More
Resources to Quickly Spin-Up New Servers and Mobile Locations
Backup Laptops at the Ready
A Tenured IT Team at Your Disposal
Network Infrastructure Modernization, Including Hyper-Converged Technologies with Layers of Redundancy
Virtual Desktop Solutions to Help Your Business Get Back Up and Running Quickly

It’s time to get serious about disaster readiness.

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