IT Professional Services

Get the most from your technology investments with iConvergence Professional Services.

Technology is the backbone of your business. We’ll help you make the most of it.

Many businesses today are making significant technology investments to prepare for future growth and empower employees. But most of them don’t have the experience or expertise to implement and manage their technologies effectively.

And with the constant emergence of new IT products and platforms, your internal teams are under constant pressure to implement proven strategies that deliver the outcomes your business needs.

iConvergence is more than just a services provider. We’re your partner.

We’ll help you build and implement a strategy to support your business today and tomorrow. Our professional services team will assess and define your objectives, uncover opportunities, and recommend solutions and services that push your business forward and improve employee productivity and engagement.

Our employees have an average tenure of 10 years and hold many industry certifications, including CCIE level support, numerous Microsoft certifications, and certifications from VMWare, HPE and others. iConvergence clients form close bonds with our teams; they’ll truly become an extension of your team with a trust-based relationship.

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Our Professional Services

Analysis and Design

Understanding what you already have is the first step in figuring out where you want to go. Our tenured engineers can help you know what cornerstones of the existing infrastructure you can keep to minimize costs. Then, we can design an updated system that meets your business objectives and preserves previous investments.

Managed Services

It doesn’t always make sense for your internal IT resources to oversee critical, labor-intensive network management activities. And if you don’t have internal IT resources, those tasks are virtually impossible to manage. That’s why we’re here. Most managed service providers have high turnover and entry-level engineers with experience limited to desktops. We have a deep technical bench with tenured engineers with advanced network, security, and complex data center technology certifications. You can offload your daily network management tasks (and more) to iConvergence so you and your teams can focus on pushing your business forward.


It’s a new world of work. And the new work world requires robust, purpose-driven solutions that let work happen from the furthest corners of the globe or the office at the end of the hall. Our best-in-class collaboration technologies, powered by Cisco, ensure no matter where you or your employees are, you always have the power to connect because there’s nothing more potent than human collaboration.


Today, many folks say it’s not a matter of if a security breach will impact your business; it’s a matter of when. But we’re eternal optimists. The threat landscape is ever-evolving, with bad actors constantly vying for your data. Still, with our experienced engineers and security expertise, we can keep you, your business, and your employees safe from every threat – internal or external.

Networking, Data Center, Compute and Storage

Managing and monitoring your network infrastructure is time-consuming. It’s also a poor use of your IT resources. That’s why many of today’s most successful businesses offload the burden of managing and maintaining their network infrastructures to providers like iConvergence. So step aside, we’ve got this covered – you’ve got more strategic tasks to tackle.

Ongoing Services

Some companies lean on our team more than others. It all depends on your internal staff and what you feel comfortable supporting. iConvergence offers service plans to fit organizations of every size and competency level. From comprehensive to basic, we can construct an agreement that works seamlessly with your existing resources.

Innovation, Value, Expertise; a Relentless Commitment to Your Success

With tight deadlines, increasing risks, and an ever-evolving technological landscape, your business needs an experienced and forward-thinking IT services partner. iConvergence is that partner. Our tenured team holds the industry’s most demanding certifications, and we offer a full range of IT professional services to assess, design, and implement a plan and infrastructure capable of delivering the outcomes your business needs today – and tomorrow. iConvergence simplifies the complex so you can easily manage your network.


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