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Cisco Umbrella is the perfect solution to help your business embrace Mobility and the BYOD revolution.

Co-workers chatting and looking at a deviceThe average American worker uses a dizzying array of SaaS tools to complete tasks. Think about it. How many SaaS products do you make use of throughout the average workday? The number probably hovers somewhere between 5-10 products. Tools like Webex Teams, Salesforce, Google Docs, Office 365, and others, enhance productivity and collaboration among workers, resulting in increased financial performance and overall employee satisfaction.

“Because of the flexibility and efficiency that mobile devices provide, they have transformed the way we do business. Whether it’s through collaboration amongst employees, sharing information or communicating through emoji’s, the ability to access your corporate network and data—at any time and anywhere, right at the palm of your hands—is incredibly powerful.”Kalie Radsmikham, Product Marketing Manager, Cisco

These tools, however, present a significant challenge. Hackers have grown sophisticated, today, operating more like organized crime syndicates than ramshackle basement dwellers. At the same time, products for work continue to transition to the cloud, and more employees are taking advantage of flexible work and BYOD policies.

The result is a potential data security nightmare.

Ideally, communication to and from employee devices would travel over secured virtual private networks (VPNs). These networks deliver traffic to perimeter security systems to scrutinize, and, if necessary, block and isolate. The reality, however, rarely meets expectations.

Co-workers sitting at a table and talking while looking at devicesAccording to Gartner, “By 2021, 27% of corporate data traffic will bypass perimeter security (an increase from 10% today) and flow directly from mobile and portable devices to the cloud.”

“Creating and maintaining a security policy on a per-cloud-service basis is more than a chore when hundreds of cloud services are in use—it quickly becomes a high source of risk”—Craig Lawson, Research Vice President, Gartner.

Employees regularly bypass VPNs, and this trend will only grow. How then do you protect critical data? Most companies are in an awkward position. Businesses today must move to the cloud, but this move creates visibility gaps and fresh attack surfaces. Yesterday’s approach to security won’t hold up in the cloud era.

“82 percent of the corporate laptop users admitted to sometimes bypassing their organizations’ VPNs.”Gartner

Cisco Umbrella creates a new layer of defense, conceived and designed to address modern business concerns.  Umbrella provides security for your employees whether they are on—or off—the company network. In keeping with the ‘plug and play’ mentality of Cisco’s recent innovations, Umbrella is easy to deploy, supports worldwide installations, and minimizes latency. Cisco Umbrella is the solution your business needs to stay secure in the cloud era enabling you to embrace the BYOD revolution and allowing your employees to enjoy a safe remote work environment.

CISCO Umbrella logo“Think of this new category as a Secure Internet Gateway (SIG). A SIG is a secure onramp to the Internet. Wherever users go, even when they are off the VPN, this cloud-delivered Internet gateway provides safe and secure access. As Internet requests are made, a SIG acts as the first line of defense and inspection.”Brian Roddy, Engineering Executive, Cisco

At iConvergence, our goal has always been to connect people with technology. Computing in the cloud era has enabled us to achieve this goal and now, with Cisco Umbrella, not only do we have the ability to connect our customers with best-in-class technology solutions, we can help to provide security—anywhere, at any time, from every device, and on any network.

Learn for yourself how Cisco Umbrella can secure your business, on or off the corporate network. Contact iConvergence for a Cisco Umbrella free trial.