iConvergence is ready to support you as Hurricane Ida approaches


iConvergence is ready to support you as Hurricane Ida approaches.We are available to help your organization with IT-related issues before landfall and in the storm’s aftermath. We will have Engineering and Help Desk support personnel stationed in areas outside of the storm zone ready to provide any needed support to customers. We will also have our team in our Memphis office ready and able to assist as needed.

For any needs you may have during the storm, please contact us at:

Phone: 337-735-1300
Email: service@iconvergence.com

How to Prepare:

  • Check the integrity of your data backups and/or data replication: make sure you have accessible copies of your company’s data that can be quickly restored if production information is destroyed or corrupted. Please check that your equipment is connected correctly to UPS/Generator power to ensure availability and protection.
  • Utilize the auto attendant application on your phone system: to keep your customers and employees aware of your company’s status, create a temporary storm message to provide pertinent information regarding how, where, and when your company will conduct business through the duration of the storm.
  • Take photos of equipment that can be damaged in the storm; servers, computers, call center equipment, etc…
  • Identify the essential personnel required to keep your business operational and determine who needs to stay on site.
  • Communicate with all employees: ensure they understand the expectations and roles around availability and communications for the duration of the storm and aftermath.
  • Activate remote working plans: Activate remote work plans before landfall, so employees are aware of offsite operations and remote working expectations.
  • For more comprehensive information to protect your businesses and your families, download the Louisiana State Emergency Preparedness Guide at this link.

iConvergence is here to help your business stay up and running. We are only a phone call away.

Please do not hesitate to reach out:

Phone: 337-735-1300
Email: service@iconvergence.com
Kirk Guilbeau iConvergence CTO

Tremendous challenges and how iConvergence can help

Tremendous challenges and how iConvergence can help

Tremendous challenges and how iConvergence can help

Clients and friends of iConvergence,

As we face the tremendous challenges brought on by COVID-19, please know that everyone at iConvergence stands ready to do their part to assist affected communities and businesses. Many are struggling with how to securely and quickly set up remote workers. Hospitals are working on expanding telemedicine capabilities, while others are working diligently to expand network availability to support the changing landscape.

What everyone has in common is the need to ensure the continuity and safety of their businesses. 

 We’re a long-standing Cisco Partner and are proud to support Cisco’s unique and generous response to the crisis. Cisco is now offering many of its most popular tools for free through May. This includes its popular Webex meeting platform, but also a full suite of industry-leading security tools designed to keep remote workers safe while online.

 To do our part, we have shifted the emphasis of our engineering team to support clients that need these tools. We view this as an “all hands on deck” situation and are ready to respond should you need help. If you would like more information on how iConvergence can help, please click here or contact your iConvergence representative.

 Thank you for supporting us over the years. We now stand ready to support you.

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Barry Meche