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As the threat of digital disruption places increasing pressure on IT systems and organizations, companies, regardless of scale or industry need to consider an end-to-end strategy for upgrading and managing technology.

Person holding glowing globeLouisiana’s businesses, now, more than ever before, are facing critical IT modernization challenges, from retailers needing to digitize the customer buying experience, to companies refreshing legacy applications and hardware, or transitioning to cloud-based technologies, virtual machines, or microservices to deliver software—businesses in the region are in the midst of transformation (or should be).

In the past, companies have implemented a progressive approach to modernizing IT environments, opting to address the most immediate pain points and subsequent issues as they happen. Today, however, the increasing threat of digital disruption is facilitating the need to modernize systems end-to-end, with the broader view in mind.

Creating a holistic plan of attack related to modernization will transform the way your company thinks about IT. Taking this approach makes IT a critical organizational component, helping to drive business outcomes and making IT leaders partners—not just service providers.

5 Reasons every business in the Gulf Coast region must Modernize IT.

Facilitate your migration to the cloud
To digitally transform and earn the competitive advantage and agility needed for success in today’s business environment, many companies have migrated critical business components and applications to the cloud—to do this your overall IT infrastructure must modernize.

Team meeting in a casual settingEarn a huge revenue boost
Senior IT decision makers see modernization as a catalyst for enhanced financial performance, with the power to boost revenue by an increasing percentage year over year. On the flipside, most senior IT leaders believe failing to modernize IT infrastructures will negatively impact the long-term growth of businesses.

Gain the competitive edge your business needs to earn success in today’s world.
Applying an end-to-end approach to IT modernization will provide your business with the agility necessary to gain a competitive edge in the digital world. Legacy systems were not built to solve the growing requirements of the digital business and taking an incremental approach to modernization is not only too slow—it is too risky.

Your business needs new techniques and technologies to facilitate a cloud approach.
To earn the benefits of using modern software engineering techniques, like DevOps, agile application development, and a cloud approach, your business needs to work with a partner skilled at building and managing a contemporary IT infrastructure. Modern software engineering techniques and tools will lead to improved overall business performance at all levels.

Abstract waves of zeros and onesEarn the peace of mind that comes with knowing your business is secure.
Every business leader knows their data and systems are under threat, and it’s not a matter of if, but when, an attack will occur. Modernizing your IT infrastructure is the first step toward improved cybersecurity. Legacy systems create massive vulnerabilities for your business. By applying an end-to-end approach to modernizing IT, and partnering with a managed services provider to oversee the strategy, implementation and maintenance of your environment, you will not only earn a competitive advantage—you’ll be able to get some sleep.

If you’re not there yet, don’t worry—you’re not alone. Less than 35% of the businesses in our region have implemented a modernized IT infrastructure or have created a strategy to modernize. At iConvergence, our expertise, knowledge and experience make us the ideal partner to build a roadmap to IT modernization, and whether you go all-in on the cloud, or opt to take a hybrid cloud approach—we can plan, build and manage your infrastructure, end-to-end.

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