Converging Thoughts: Tech Insights from iConvergence

2018 was a big year at iConvergence! Let’s take a look back at some of our favorite blogs from the year.

2019 is right around the corner, but before we pop the champagne at midnight, we wanted to say goodbye to 2018 by reviewing our five favorite blogs of the year, in no particular order. Without further ado, let’s dive in:

Crossing the Digital Divide with Connected EducationKids in a library using computers
The way our children learn is changing as classrooms enter the digital realm, but there is still a long way to go in making sure all students have access to the technologies that help educate the country’s youth. Here we explore how Cisco’s Connected Classroom aims to change that.

Do your best teamwork with Webex TeamsCollaboration Tools Are Transforming the American Workplace
The American workplace is changing. Collaboration tools like Cisco’s Webex Teams are making remote work more accessible and productive than ever. In this blog, we look at why over 170 U.S. companies are choosing to operate with a completely remote workforce, and why their employees are happier for it.

cyber criminal using a laptopSaaS Tools For Work Are Awesome – How Do We Secure Them?
As utilizing SaaS tools like Google Docs, Office 365 and Salesforce become routine in the modern-day workplace, making sure they are secure and protected against hacks is more critical than ever. Here we see how Cisco Umbrella was explicitly designed to help your business protects its employees and their data from those trying to steal it.

Data center, blurredReasons to Modernize Your IT Infrastructure for the Digital Era
The world is entering the digital era, whether or not your company is ready. This blog lists five significant reasons it’s time to take IT modernization seriously. Putting together an end-to-end plan to ensure your business will thrive regardless of what the future of digital disruption holds is essential. If you’re looking to gain a competitive edge, boost your revenue or merely have the peace of mind that your business’ technology is secure and adaptable, then this blog is for you.

2 people talking at a Cisco CafeDigital Transformation Has Arrived, But Will Your Company Change?
Last but certainly not least, we have our blog that examines digital transformation, the impact it’s having on everything from banking to ordering a pizza, and whether your company will thrive by embracing this wave, or lose relevance by pushing it aside as a passing trend. We also offer helpful advice your business can use to better address the adjustment to the digital world. This is a must read for any executive wanting to stay competitive in the modern economy.

There you have it. Now we can put a ribbon on 2018 as we look forward to what 2019 has in store. We’d like to extend our warmest of thanks to the friends of iConvergence, our loyal customers, and all our colleagues that helped make this past year so enjoyable. The future is looking bright, and we can’t wait to see what exciting developments the world of technology will bring us next.