World map of email traffic overview

Cisco Talos: Today's Most Sophisticated and Comprehensive Security Group

World map of email traffic overview

Cisco Talos is one of today’s most comprehensive and sophisticated security groups. Its combination of AI and human intelligence provides constant network, application, and user visibility and collective threat response to network attacks.

Talos’ mission is to provide verifiable and customizable defensive technologies that help protect your critical assets.

There are over 350 engineers in the Talos research center. Talos engineers often publish blogs to give you current data about trends, attacks, and defense strategies.

In a recent post, you’ll find detailed information about the threats observed between Feb. 19 and Feb. 26.

Talos is continuously learning and adapting to help you protect your assets. Here’s the best part: Talos comes free with any Cisco security product purchase!

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IT and Data Security Should Be a Way of Life for Your Business

Artistic depiction of man using technology

You’re going to get hacked.  Just read the news any day of the week and you’ll quickly realize it’s impossible for any government, corporation, small business or resident to protect their data with 100% confidence.  IT security isn’t just something you install on a computer or connect to your network.  If you want to close the security gap as tight as possible you will have to change the way your business functions.  Security needs to be a way of life.  It has to be as important as the products or services you sell that keep you in business.  Security has to be a part of every business much like accounting. It’s something that every business, no matter the size, must be able to maintain.

Your Current IT Security May Be No Match for Today’s Hackers

Today’s hackers are entering organization’s in so many different ways it’s challenging just to keep the holes plugged.  Just check out this recent article on how “Hackers Could Read Your Hotmail, MSN, and Outlook Emails by Abusing Microsoft Support.” This is why a security stack is necessary.  It’s like layers of an onion.  Someone may get through a layer or two but there is another one waiting just under that one. Stacking your security solution provides your business with the best odds for protecting your data. Below is the stack I recommend every business implement.

  • Firewall
  • DNS Protection
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • OS Security Updates & Patching
  • Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware
  • Email Spam & ATP
  • Offsite Backups
  • Employee Security Training

You might be thinking this is overkill and will cost your business way too much.  How much will not having all of this cost you?  This is the world we live in now.  Data breaches leaking medical records, banking information, case files, copy right records, engineering drawings and client information.  Resulting in lawsuits, fines, revoked licenses, degraded brand recognition, loss of customers and business closure. Keep in mind, this example was only a data breach.  I won’t even go through the ransomware attacks or even worse, the guys that just want to delete all of your data because they find it amusing.

Fact is, if you don’t have all of the layers in place that I have recommended above, then you are not doing your best to protect your company’s data, your employees, your customers and frankly, the doors from closing on your company.

At iConvergence, we’re happy to chat about your current environment and see how our security experts and strategy can help ensure your company remains on a path to uninterrupted growth and success.

Let’s talk about protecting your business – contact us today!

Jeremy Roth

Director of Managed Services, iConvergence